Where it's not just about the cut, it's about the experience.

Walking into 3rd Street BarberShop & Shave Parlor, you'll be cosumed with a big city, old-school with a modern twist, barbershop vibe. From a motorcycle hanging from the ceiling, retro barber chairs, graffiti on the walls, to the luxurious Shave Parlor that offers hot shaves. This unique barber shop will provide you with not only a quality service, but an unforgettable experience. Save yourself a trip to the big city and experience the high quality craftsmanship these skilled barbers have to offer; in historic Baraboo!


Meet the Team


John Joseph "JJ"


I've been a Farmer, DJ, Day Care Teacher, Tutor, Victorian House Painter, Muralist, Repo Man, Security Director and Resort Night Manager, now I turned Barber. When my family came to this country they would shear sheep, now I shear men. Husband and father of 8; a country boy with a big city perspective.


Emily Musaitef



Tiffany Pszeniczka


Born and raised in Eagle River, WI. Went from sculpting roads to sculpting heads and beards. If you don'tĀ find me at the shop, you'll find me shooting hoops, fishing a local lake, or walking my fur babies.

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Zack Tadel


"I started cutting hair in the Army, by default of being the only guy in my platoon with clippers. After serving 9 years, then working in the auto body industry for a few years, I wanted to find something with more creative freedom. A job that put me in direct contact with the people and community I worked in. I went to school for Cosmetology/Barbering and ended up loving the industry, my fellow artists, and the clients we work with.
So humbled and excited to be a part of the 3rd Street BarberShop family and the people that come through our doors."

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