5 o'clock Shadow Shave Parlor

"The Art of the Straight Razor."

A luxurious experience, filled with hot towels, hot lather, oils, and the all-important blade.

Shave Parlor

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Rediscover what it means to be manly – Come visit 3rd Street Barber Shop.   The hipster has been resurrected, and facial hair has become a man’s accessory to his well-groomed lifestyle.  Pomade is no longer just for your granddad.  At 3rd Street Barber Shop we see the importance of a man’s space to gather.  Our Barbers are trained in all shapes and styles to provide the style our clients want.

Stop by 3rd Street BarberShop, enjoy a fresh cup of coffee, hang out and admire the old-school with a modern twist vibe. You won't want to leave!


Q: Wait, you are not located on 3rd Street??

A: We are not! I know, how quirky! Make yourself comfortable in a barber chair and we will tell you the story 🙂


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